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In 2002, Suzuki launched a fashionable and powerful, yet economical underbone motorcycle – the Smash 110. Fast forward to 8 years later and in 2010, Suzuki Philippines has launched the all-new Smash 115, an entry-level motorcycle model that replaces the old Smash 110cc variant.

The new Suzuki Smash 115, despite sporting a slightly bigger engine, is more fuel-efficient compared to its 110cc predecessor due to the "Pulsed Secondary Air Injection System" which was patented by Suzuki. 

Why should I get a Suzuki Smash?

The Suzuki Smash is definitely a very good entry-level motorcycle and is absolutely worth buying. Join us here at Motomart.Ph as we identify the good points of this motorcycle.

  • Is the Suzuki Smash practical?

    Yes, the Suzuki Smash is indeed practical since it's not hard to drive and is relatively easy to maintain. This motorcycle is quite light at 99.0 kg and is not hard to maneuver in tight spaces, especially in traffic. It doesn't have that much electronics, too, hence less complexity and moving parts which means that you will have fewer electronic failures to worry about. The Suzuki Smash is pure function and practicality squeezed into one single motorcycle.

  • Is the Suzuki Smash fuel efficient?

    Yes, the Suzuki Smash enjoys a high fuel-efficiency rating at 47 km/L. This is due to the Suzuki patented "Pulsed Secondary Air Injection System (PAIR)" which ensures that the least amount of fuel is left unburnt in the exhaust gases. Simply put, this system makes it so that there is no fuel left unburnt as soon as it exits the motorcycle via the exhaust pipe. And even if there is, there should be very little, hence the said motorcycle is deemed as environment-friendly. While you can literally cover a longer distance due to the efficiency, the engine also produces a healthy power output which gives the Suzuki Smash some quick pick up and enough power to cruise around the city. It's definitely a winner.

  • Does the Suzuki Smash have style? 

    Absolutely. The latest models offer some fresh and vibrant color options, and the Smash does look trendy and stylish which appeals most to the young and middle-aged rider groups. This is not to say that the Suzuki Smash is not a good fit for the older folks since this motorbike itself is very user-friendly. Each variant is also colorful which means that it's "in" and represents the new generation.

  • Does the Suzuki Smash provide value for your money?

    Yes, the Suzuki Smash is an absolute bang for the buck! The higher-end, disc brake model is already affordable at P61,900 brand new or around P37,000 - P45,000 used - so think about how much money you can save when you buy it from Motomart.Ph where we have low-priced, high-quality repossessed Suzuki Smash 115 units. You will definitely have an extra budget for accessories later on!

  • Is the Suzuki Smash a good motorcycle overall?

    Yes, there is no doubt that the Suzuki Smash is a very good motorcycle considering the factors mentioned above. It is an underbone motorcycle that has a semi-automatic transmission wherein you no longer need to use a clutch. Although it might not be as easy as driving a scooter where you just literally squeeze the throttle, the Smash offers a good riding experience, nonetheless, for aspiring new riders especially if you just want to enjoy the best of what is in between a manual and an automatic. In this way, you wouldn't have big problems when you transition from a semi-automatic to a manual motorcycle or the other way around which is from semi to a fully automatic like most scooters. This bike is surely a winner.

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