Second Hand Suzuki Raider and Repossessed Suzuki Raider For sale

Below is our inventory of Second Hand and Repossessed Suzuki Raider Motorcycles in the Philippines at the lowest prices.

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In 2002, Suzuki introduced the Raider 125 – the motorcycle that is rather short-lived but will actually, later on, pave the way for Suzuki to lead the sporty underbone category in the Philippine market. It is equipped with a 5 speed 125cc (7.6 cu in) DOHC four-valve single-cylinder engine which features the Suzuki Advanced Cooling System (SACS) in which oil, as well as air, is used to cool the engine. To achieve this functionality, the Raider 125's engine is fitted with an external oil cooler.

Fast forward into 2004 and the flagship model of the Suzuki motorcycles Philippines came into being – the Raider R150. The Raider 150 is hailed as the king of underbone motorcycles attributing to its Suzuki GSX-R inspired sporty design.

In 2006, SPH introduced the Raider Jr. or more popularly known as the Raider J 115. It's a 4-stroke underbone motorcycle that according to Suzuki is engineered for the Philippine roads and the Filipino rider. And in 2009, Suzuki Philippines (SPH) again wowed the Philippine market with the unleashing of the new Raider Breed – the new Raider R150 with its new sportier bodywork gives the rider one step closer to riding a true Suzuki GSX-R; then there is the all-new Raider J Pro with the evolutionary pro clutch feature for optimum riding performance.

Raider J 115

The younger sibling in the Raider Breed which offers the best of both worlds – maximum power at optimum fuel efficiency. Equipped with an easily adaptable engine, it is ready to hit the road and offers a quick response for a favorable riding experience. This commuter bike has great value for money as it is user-friendly, fuel-efficient, and compact.

The Raider J is powered by a dependable 113cc, four-stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that produces 9 hp and 9 Nm of torque. Its powertrain is then connected to a 6-speed manual transmission. As for the safety of the riders, it is equipped with a disc brake up front and a drum brake in the rear wheel.


  • Sleek headlight design
  • Contoured seat
  • Stylish muffler design
  • Modern instrument panel with shift timing light
  • Electric starter

Raider R150

Dubbed as the "King of Underbones", the Suzuki Raider R150 (commonly called Raider 150) is always a popular choice among riders who not only want power and performance but also having that extra legroom for customization and modification. Powered by a choice of Suzuki’s reliable 150cc carbureted or fuel-injected engine with a double overhead camshaft (or Twincam), 4-valve, 6-speed transmission, the Raider R150 has already captured the hearts of the Filipinos. Its liquid-cooled engine churns out a respectable 15 hp and 12 Nm of torque which is coupled to a 6-speed manual transmission. The R150’s slim and ergonomic body holds its powerful engine very well, providing a very light yet authoritative riding experience.

Suzuki Philippines (SPH) also plugs the Raider R150 underbone motorcycle as the “King” of its class—and the Japanese brand has every right to do so. The Raider 150 is a very successful bike in its own right and this success was made possible by its sporty design, power figures, and its infamous speed.


  • New headlight design
  • Many color variants to choose from
  • Suzuki-claimed 50 km/l fuel efficiency on the FI model
  • Digital instrumentation
  • Sporty design and ergonomics