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Do you want to get on that big "S" bandwagon and Ride Ahead with Suzuki? We, at Motomart.Ph, will definitely help you get the best repossessed or second-hand Suzuki Motorcycle that is safe and high-quality.

Armed with the new tagline "Ride Ahead," the Philippines is definitely no stranger to the motorcycle brand Suzuki. Kagaya ng Yamaha, Honda, at Kawasaki, Suzuki is part of what is known in the world as "The Big 4" when it comes to manufacturing motorcycles.

Why should I get a Suzuki motorcycle?

  • Are Suzuki motorcycles performance-oriented?

    Yes! In the motorcycle world, Suzuki is known for its speed and performance. Suzuki has produced the iconic Hayabusa and GSX-R series. After its release into the open market around 1999, The Hayabusa was recognized and regarded as the fastest production motorcycle there is available, with a top speed of 303-312 km/h! Then there's the unmistakable GSX-R series which are known to be really fast, yet all the while cheaper compared to its rivals. The said series includes the GSX-R1000, GSX-R750, and GSX-R600, all of which are fast and good-looking. The Suzuki Raider R150 deserves a special mention as well as it's not only famous in the Philippines, but in other ASEAN countries, too, like Thailand.

  • When it comes to dirtbikes, Suzuki's RM and DR lineup also, at some point, have dominated the off-road racing and enduro scene with models like the RM-Z250 and RMZ-450 in both motocross and supercross, and the DR-Z models that range from supermotos to enduro or dual-sport machines alike. Suzuki is also not new to MotoGP as the brand's racing outfit - Team Suzuki Ecstar is also doing well in the sport with Joan Mir and Alex Rins behind the handlebars. Suzuki can be considered one of the top dogs in MotoGP in the present time.

  • Does Suzuki make good motorcycles?

    Yes, Suzuki absolutely makes quality motorcycles. Suzuki motorcycles are actually not only known for their performance, but for their reliability, too. The vintage two-stroke lineup of Suzuki was also widely popular back then like the Suzuki Crystal, Suzuki X-3, and Suzuki X-4 to name a few, as these motorcycles were fast and speedy in their own right. Fast forward to the present time and Suzuki produced the Suzuki Raider R150 which is currently known as "The King of Underbone Motorcycles" in the Philippines because of its speed and stance.

  • Are Suzuki motorcycles reliable?

    Yes, of course. Suzuki motorcycles are very reliable. Being one of the big four Japanese motorcycle giants, the brand is very much well-established when it comes to the reliability and durability of their motorcycles. As a Japanese motorcycle manufacturer comparable to the likes of Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki, Suzuki is one of the top-scoring motorcycle brands for reliability in a very long time. We are talking well-built and long-lasting motorcycles that are designed and crafted, Japanese-style, like the timeless Suzuki Katana for example. It's as gorgeous as it sounds!

  • Is Suzuki popular?

    Yes, Suzuki is definitely gaining a strong presence and popularity in the scooter and backbone categories. Suzuki Philippines had since joined the underbone fray in 2001 with the release of the Suzuki Shogun 110 cc which boasted a very powerful yet economical engine. But it was not until the following year that Suzuki cemented it's name in the Philippine motorcycle scene when it introduced the Raider 125--which later on paved the way for the development of the motorcycle that is hailed as the king of underbones, the Suzuki Raider R150. It was in the same year that SPH also released the Suzuki Smash 110 which remains a popular and fashionable choice for a lot of Filipino riders to this very day. 

    In 2006, Suzuki introduced the Raider J 115 which also sat well with a lot of Filipinos, followed by the release of the Suzuki Step 125 scooter in an effort to get some presence in the scooter market. These were later on bumped by the release Suzuki Hayate scooter and some major improvements on the Smash and Shogun lineup. Next came 2009 when Suzuki wowed and shook the Philippine motorcycle scene. Suzuki Philippines Inc. surprised the entire riding community when it finally unleashed the Raider R150 into the market. According to Suzuki, "the new Raider R150 with its new sportier bodywork gives the rider one step closer to riding a true Suzuki GSX-R!"

  • Does Suzuki have a wide range of offerings?

    Yes, there's a variety of models to choose from. It was just recently that Suzuki released newer models for Suzuki Philippines (SPH) and included in this new lineup is the Raider J Crossover wherein the brand described it as "Made from Suzuki’s signature manufacturing engineering, designed for the Philippine roads, built for the Filipinos – The rough road raider for an adventure across borders." Included in the fresh lineup that Suzuki is offering are the Gixxer FI, GSX-R150, GSX-S150, Burgman Street, Skydrive Crossover, Katana, V-Strom, GSX-S100, SV-650X, and many more.

Brief History:

Suzuki has strong roots in building motorcycles which started in 1952. The first two-wheeled vehicle that Suzuki made was a bicycle that was fitted with an engine and was called the "Power Free." It was designed to be cheap and simple to build, and like the famous two-stroke powered early motorcycles made by Yahama and Kawasaki, the Suzuki Power Free has a 36 cc two-stroke engine.

To quickly revisit the brand's history, Suzuki came into the Philippine motorcycle scene through the management of Rufino D. Antonio and Associates in 1959 but was later on transferred to the direct management of Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd ( Japan) who took over the operations from Antonio Suzuki Corporation in 1984 because of the economic woes of the country following the end of the Martial Law. In 1990, the outfit eventually evolved into what we know as Suzuki Philippines Inc. and the rest is history!

Fast forward to 1994 and Suzuki Philippines (SPH) launched the Suzuki Crystal (RC110) which was the first 2-stroke underbone motorcycle from Suzuki that was made available in the Philippine market. The said motorcycle is very famous even today, especially in the drag racing community as this particular model had set the new standards for speed and trendy motorcycle riding at that time.

The other popular models that Suzuki introduced into the Philippine motorcycle market were the Suzuki X120 (B120), Suzuki X-3 (GP100), Suzuki X-4 (GP125), Suzuki TS100 ERD, and Suzuki TS125 ERD. While the TS series also become popular with the enduro at dual-sport riders, it was the X-3 and the X-4 that got accepted very well in the provinces as they were used as "habal-habal" or motorcycle taxis.

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