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Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen - this is what "KTM" stands for. An interesting fact is that “Kraftfahrzeuge" translates to motor vehicles whereas “Trunkenpolz” came from Hans Trunkenpolz, the founder, and “Mattighofen” which is the location of where the company was based - Mattighofen, Austria. Alam nyo ba na KTM started out as a metalworking shop but eventually evolved into everyone's favorite orange motorcycle brand? Yes, that is right. I'm sure you've already heard and known about the KTM Duke 200 or the bigger Duke 390 variant, or even the KTM RC200 and RC 390 variants, respectively. The orange fever came in a few years ago and changed the Philippine motorcycle landscape, forever. 

So Why Should I Consider Getting a KTM?

Dito sa Motomart.Ph, let's find out through the following facts:

  • Does KTM make good motorcycles?

    Yes, absolutely! KTM manufactures some of the best motorcycles out there in the market. Ang mga motor na gawa ng KTM are built for performance, hence the tagline "Ready to Race." Their motorcycle engines are infamous for having higher power outputs kung ikukumpara sa ibang competing brands, kaya naman hindi kinailangan mag effort masyado ng KTM na makilala sa Pilipinas dahil kilala na ang brand na ito bago paman sila pumasok at nagbenta ng mga motor sa bansa. The said brand is also known for high-performance dirtbikes which raked very many awards in many different forms of off-road racing.  

  • Is KTM a reliable brand?

    Yes, KTMs are reliable! The Austrian brand is actually known primarily for reliable dirtbikes or off-road bikes. The company had since expanded into making similarly reliable street bikes gamit ang kanilang prior experience at engineering prowess. Sa katunayan, ang kanilang dirt-bike reliability is very much comparable to the top Japanese brands kaya naman you can expect the same amount of quality on their road-going models. Ultimately, a good percentage of the reliability factor is attributed to the owner, and this is true to even Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki. Bilang responsableng rider, kailangan mong bigyang-pansin ang tamang maintenance schedule para naman hindi madaling masira ang pinakamamahal mong motor, kahit ano pa ang brand nito.

  • Is KTM worth the money?

    Yes, very much! Maraming nagsasabi na KTM motorcycles are overrated, but we beg to disagree. KTMs are worth the money down to the very cent since there's that certain amount of prestige when you own one. Remember that KTM is one of the premium brands out there and their motorcycles are powerful, torquey, and performance-oriented, not to mention that they are literally "Ready to Race!" They are a bang for the buck.

  • Does KTM offer good after-sales support?

    Yes, they do. If the year was 2014 or 2015 then we can understand why it would be very hard to find a service shop that would especially cater to KTM motorcycles. But ever since partnerships were established with reputable dealerships and conglomerates in the country, nagsulputan din actually ang mga KTM 3S shops sa buong bansa, di nga lang kasing dami kung ikukumpara sa Yamaha. Regardless, a lot of expert mechanics had since accepted the brand as one of the mainstays in the Philippine motorcycle scene kaya madaling nagdevelop at nag adapt ang mga service providers dito sa ating bansa.

  • Are KTM  parts readily available?

    Yes, parts are readily available naman. Aside from the fact that KTM parts, and even accessories, are already available on large online platforms for enthusiasts to add to their respective carts then order, may mabibili ka rin namang mga pyesa sa suking tindahan, lalong-lalo na sa mga 3S shops na usually packed ang parts inventory. Nothing beats online ordering, of course, dahil isang pindot away ka lang sa cellphone mo at door to door delivery pa. Tiyak na panalo!

Fun fact:

  • Did you know that the first Filipino-made KTM has rolled off the factory floor 3 years ago already?

    Yes, Ayala and Integrated Micro-electronics, Inc. (IMI) have partnered up with KTM AG para naman mabigyan pa tayong mga pinoy ng more orange bikes dito sa Pilipinas. Last March 6, 2017, the Ayala group and IMI rolled the first Filipino-made KTM Duke 200s off of the assembly line from their world-class manufacturing plant in Laguna, Philippines. Yes, nabasa mo 'yun ng tama. Most, if not all of the KTM motorcycles below the 1000 CC category that are sold here in the country are locally produced and assembled by fellow Filipinos. Nakakaproud, 'di ba?

  • What’s up with the tagline "Ready to Race?

    Syempre naman at pamilyar tayong lahat sa caption na 'to. KTM uses the tagline “Ready to Race” dahil ang nasabing brand ay naniniwala pretty much in the development of world-class road-going motorcycles through motorsports. As a matter of fact, KTM said that “if it doesn’t help your bike go fast or handle better, we won’t put it there.” This is as far as features and technology are concerned. Sumasali ang KTM in a wide variety of motorsport events sa buong mundo and have scooped up more and more awards since its founding in 1953.

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