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Looking for an affordable yet high-quality second hand commuter motorcycle? Dito sa Motomart.Ph, we might just have the perfect Kawasaki-Bajaj motorcycle for you.

As you already know, Bajaj is a large Indian multinational company that sells cars, motorcycles, and scooters. The company behind the Bajaj brand started its collaboration with Kawasaki in the Phillippines in 2004, but technically ang partnership ng dalawang kompanyang ito ay nagsimula mula pa 1984 when Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and Bajaj Auto Limited struck a deal to ramp up the latter's production for motorcycles in India and other parts of Asia.

In 2005, Kawasaki Motors Philippines eventually started rebranding and selling the Bajaj Wind 125 bilang Kawasaki Wind 125 and from there, unti-unti nang nakilala at naging parte ng Philippine motorcycle and tricycle scene ang mga motorsiklong gawa ng Bajaj. For our contention, tatawagin nating silang Kawasaki-Bajaj since Kawasaki had supposedly rebranded all Bajaj motorcycles and sold them in the Philippines as pure Kawasaki motorcycles, but the former never really removed the Bajaj branding at all. This created some confusion at first, however, as evidenced by the Rouser lineup dahil hindi masyadong naging obvious ang Bajaj brand sa tangke o side panels ng nasabing mga motorsiklo aside from the prominent Kawasaki decal on the side. The Boxer and the CT models were a different story though since these motorcycles were blatantly rocking the Bajaj logo and branding on their decals and engine. Pero regardless of the specifics on how Kawasaki and Bajaj drafted their partnership pagdating sa pagbebenta at pag rebrand ng motor, it looks like the Kawasaki-Bajaj partnership will be here to stay at patuloy na sesirbisyohan ang sambayanang Pilipino. Kaya naman Kawasaki-Bajaj would be a perfect term for this relationship, yes?

Why Should I buy as Kawasaki-Bajaj Motorcycle?

  • Practical and Affordable

    Kawasaki-Bajaj motorcycles are actually practical and very affordable. Mula nang mairelease ng Kawasaki ang Wind 125 noong 2005, a whole slew of Bajaj motorcycles have slowly, but surely, entered the Philippine motorcycle market. The most notable models were the Rouser 135 and the CT 100, with the latter immediately gaining some strong following and was eventually known as a hero to our hard-working tricycle drivers. While naging popular at naging appealing kasi ang Kawasaki Rouser models due to it's fresh and sharp-looking design, naging patok sa ating mga kapatid na tricycle drivers ang Kawasaki-Bajaj CT 100 which was then eventually followed by the CT 125 and CT 150 models due to their practicality and affordability. Practical ang Kawasaki-Bajaj CT series of motorcycles dahil ang mga ito ay mapwersa at very fuel-efficient, at affordable pa. Ang nasabing mga motor ay naging bagong mukha ng mga traysikel sa Pilipinas bilang fresh take on modern tricycles, breaking away from the common Honda TMX, Kawasaki HD-III, and Yamaha RXT135 base.

  • Kawasaki-Bajaj Motorcycles are Competetive

    It goes without saying that the existing Kawasaki-Bajaj lineup of motorcycles is very competitive in their own right. Hindi nagpapatalo ang CT series sa mga bigating mainstay pagdating sa mga pantraysikel na mga models kagaya nalang ng Honda TMX Supremo, Kawasaki Barako, at Yamaha YTX. Then there's the latest Rouser NS and Dominar series na naging affordable na street bikes with bigger displacement when compared to the average street models. The whole Rouser series was also just spiced up with the addition of recent NS Fuel Injected models, too, kagaya ng Rouser NS160 FI at NS200 FI.

  • Spare Parts are Available and Easy to Source

    Kawasaki-Bajaj motorcycles have been on the market for a little over 15 years now, but wala kayong maririnig na complaint pagdating sa availability at supply ng spare parts. Ito ay dahil sa laganap na spare parts distributors sa buong bansa, the main one, of course, being Kawasaki Motors Philippines which is head-quartered in Muntinlupa. Marami ka ring mahahanap na online distributors, lalo na sa mga malalaking e-commerce sites sa Pilipinas. Add to cart ka lang at door-to-door delivery pa. This makes ordering spare parts very easy and convenient for sure, and this is also true for other motorcycle brands, too, not just Kawasaki-Bajaj.

  • Strong Aftersales Support

    Pagdating naman sa aftersales service, hindi ka rin mabibitin sa Kawasaki-Bajaj dahil as the brand partnership implies, all Kawasaki-Bajaj motorcycles are accepted and can be serviced in all Kawasaki authorized service shops which are also rampant in the country. Although it may not be as prolific as Yamaha's 3S shops, Google search mo nalang din, and sure enough, you will find one in your nearby areas. Also, the good thing about these motorcycles is that they are not only locally distributed by Kawasaki Motors Philippines. They are also available and sold brand new in almost all dealerships in the country, kaya naman hindi ka mamomroblema kung service shops lang ang pag-uusapan. You can approach just about any service shops that deal with locally sold motorcycles and you are good.

  • There's a Variety of Models to Choose From

    Kawasaki-Bajaj has plenty of offerings when it comes to segment or category. Nandyan ang CT series for business purposes, particularly for tricycle and habal-habal. There's the Rouser NS fleet for the avid street bike enthusiast, all the while the RS200 being available kung ang hanap mo ay fully-faired naman. If you wanted to go bigger in terms of CC and need an entry-level big-bike, then you won't be disappointed by the Dominar 400 as it's pretty much a contender within the sub-400 CC category. Bajaj claims that the said motorcycle was built for touring and performance, which is an absolute bang for the buck, considering its price. Also, huwag nating kalimutan ang Kawasaki-Bajaj Avenger for the chill rider out there who prefers a good ol' cruiser to ride into the sunset.

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