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Below is our inventory of Second Hand and Repossessed Kawasaki Motorcycles in the Philippines at the lowest prices.

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Do you agree that green is always pleasant and refreshing to the eyes? Then how about buying a second hand Kawasaki motorcycle or repossessed Kawasaki motorcycle from us?

Here at Motomart.Ph, we will help you find motorcycles that are not only refreshing and revitalizing to your eyes, but motorcycles that are correct for the passionate rider in you. And what better way to start than by looking at Kawasaki motorcycles? And no, we won't be limiting ourselves to big bikes and smaller motorbikes since there is literally a variety of motorcycles or "motorsiklo" to choose from.

Why Should I Buy a Kawasaki?

For starters, Kawasaki is a well-known and reputable brand which one of the best choices out there.

  • Does Kawasaki have cutting-edge design and technology?

    Yes, Kawasaki definitely has cutting-edge design and technology. Kawasaki has since mastered this art and they never cease to amaze the Filipino riding crowd. You see, when it comes to motorcycles, a Kawasaki is not only good and refreshing to look at, they are actually very capable machines, too. Form over function is not even a relevant argument here since Kawasaki hits both birds with one stone, both in form and functionality aspects. If you are a big fan of the neo-classics, there's the Z900RS or the W800 which are both gorgeous bikes in their own right. When it comes to racing technology-oriented motorcycles, however,  then you surely can't miss the Ninja H2 and the Z1000 H2 as Kawasaki spared no expense in their design and development. Both motorcycles are supercharged, meaning they are force-induced using a supercharger, just like racing or performance cars that are designed and bred for the race track.

  • Is reliability not an issue with a Kawasaki?

    No, it's not an issue and that has been true for quite a while now. Is Kawasaki even a good brand you ask? Yes, it absolutely is! Like Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki, Kawasaki is part of the Big 4 Japanese motorcycle manufacturers that have stayed on the top of the motorcycling world and you can never go wrong with these Japanese giants. If you are doing your part as a responsible motorcycle owner and you don't lazy your way out of proper motorcycle maintenance, then your Kawasaki motorbike will take you places. The brand is also proven and tested in the "Pantra" genre like the Barako175 which, by the way, looks meaner and has a bigger cc or displacement at 177cc when compared to other pantra motorcycles. If you don't already know, Pantra means "pan-tricycle" which is a Filipino slang that goes way back. That said, It's also worth mentioning that there was a time when the Kawasaki HD lineup of two-stroke motorcycles was a mainstay in the Philippine tricycle scene, hence the Kawasaki brand being already proven and trusted since the good old days.

  • Is Kawasaki just as good when it comes to racing?

    Yes, they are just as good and might arguably be better than others, which begs the question - does Kawasaki even race in MotoGP at all? The answer is yes they did race in the MotoGP at some point, a no, they no longer do. Kawasaki actually raced in MotoGP up until 2009 when it had announced that it's going to "suspend its MotoGP racing activities from 2009 season onward and reallocate management resources more efficiently." The reasoning behind the sudden withdrawal of Kawasaki from MotoGP was rather quite controversial, but make no mistake as the brand actually focused its racing efforts on the FIM Superbike World Championship which is otherwise known as WorldSBK, then dominated the sport with Jonathan Rea behind the wheel. That said, Kawasaki has amassed countless victories in both road racing and off-road racing since 1962 so Kawasaki is not your average player when it comes to racing experience and development. For one, there's the Kawasaki Ninja lineup which is comprised of the H2R, ZX10R, ZX14R, 650R, 400R, and other well-known sportbikes that are part of the said Ninja lineup. When it comes to off-road racing, there's the Kawaski KX lineup comprised of the unmistakeable KX250F and KX450F which are potent motocross machines. The KLX lineup for enduro and dual-sport is worth mentioning as well, like the KLX150 and KLX140G which are both already proven machines in both adventure trails and other off-road action. 

  • Does Kawasaki have a long history of engineering excellence?

    Yes, the said brand does indeed have a long history of engineering excellence! Do you know that Kawasaki is an actual industrial giant in the form of Kawasaki Heavy Industries which Kawasaki Motorcycles Co., Ltd. is a part of? Now you do. Kawasaki is a well-known veteran and giant when it comes to engineering and it has its roots in shipbuilding since 1896. Kawasaki Heavy Industries is involved in building watercraft, ships and submarines, railway rolling stock, aircraft, steelworks, robotics, space vehicles, and motorcycles. Just about anything, really, and it's not really surprising that the said brand poured all of their respectable engineering prowess when designing and building motorcycles that most admire and love, racing enthusiasts and the regular commuters alike. 

  • Is there a wide range of Kawasaki models to choose from?

    Yes, as a matter of fact, there are lots! There are many options to choose from the entire Kawasaki line up. While it is mostly subdivided into two categories namely the leisure bikes and commuters category, I think it's fair to say that Kawasaki nearly covers every segment of every capacity and size. There's the Ninja (sports), Z (naked, standard, sport-touring), Versys (adventure touring), GTR (premium sport-touring), VN (cruisers and full-dress tourers), W (modern classic), Street (motards), KX (motocross and supercross), KLX (enduro), and J (scooter). There are absolutely lots of options to choose from and looks like the said brand has no plans to stop building more!

Why green again?

Well, not all Kawaski motorcycles are actually green, but why is Kawasaki always associated with the color Green? Is green the corporate color of the motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki? The answer is much more complicated than that, but to make things rather simple, most if not all Kawasaki race bikes are usually painted red in the past, but the subsequent success of the Lime Green race bikes led Kawasaki to adopt the Lime Green color as their official racing image color. So nowadays, Kawasaki is synonymous with the color Green.


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