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Below is our inventory of Second Hand and Repossessed Honda XRM Motorcycles in the Philippines at the lowest prices.

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Are you in the market for a reliable workhorse na pwede sa kalsada, pwede rin sa off-road? Look no further as the Honda XRM is the motorcycle that you need!

Dito sa Motomart.Ph, tutulungan ka naming makuha ang Honda XRM motorcycle na hanap mo.

Why is the Honda XRM very popular in the Philippines?

Bakit nga ba napaka well-known ng motorsiklong ito sa kahit saan mang sulok ng Pilipinas? Let's find out!

  • Is the Honda XRM tough, reliable, and easy to use?

    Yes, the XRM being a Honda is in itself a testament to it's reliability. Noon pa man ay popular na ang mga motorsiklong gawang Honda as they are known for their resilience and toughness. Dahil sa short seat-height at gaan ng underbone motorcycle na ito, madali syang i-maneuver, may it be on the traffic or on the not-so-good roads here in the country. As we all know, some of the major provincial roads here in the Philippines ay notorious sa pagiging lubak-lubak, but the Honda XRM easily deals with these kinds of bad road situations by its longer suspesion travel. When compared to most motorcycles na may underbone design, kayang-kayang sagasaan ng motorsiklong ito ang mga tipikal na lubak sa daan, kaya naman napaka sikat at well-known ng Honda XRM, lalo na sa mga isla at probinsya. Honda XRMs are one of the most widely available units for rent especially in smaller Philippine islands because they’re tough, reliable, and easy to use in any type of terrain.

  • Is the Honda XRM practical and convenient?

    Yes, the Honda XRM is just that - very practical and convenient! Bakit kamo praktikal? For one, napaka taas ng fuel-efficiency rating ng XRM, lalo na yung latest 125 cc fi model which is rated at 61km/L. A new fuel-injected engine coupled with it's semi-automatic transmission allows for a very smooth and convenient drive, not to mention gas savings. Makakatipid ka talaga kasi mas may control ka pagdating sa pag palit ng gears, therefore avoiding the unnecessary burning of fuel which is typically common in fully-automatic motorcycles like scooters. Ang Honda XRM ay meron ring added convenience in the form of  a spacious U-box which allows you to store personal items while on the go. 

  • Is parts availability not an issue?

    No, absolutely not! Talagang hindi ka mamomroblema pagdating sa pyesa dahil most, if not all, are readily available sa mga suking tindahan. The Honda XRM has been out there since the early 2000's kaya naman aside from the fact na subok na at matibay, spare parts and even aftermarket accessories are now part of the common items that you typically find in motor shops. They are easily accessible and obtainable across the entire Philippines. 

  • Can the Honda XRM really handle off-road duties?

    Yes, it most definitely can. Other than the fact that this motorcycle was intentionally designed as a dual-sport, meaning dual-purpose at pwede sa kalsada at off-road terrains, subok na subok na talaga ang motorsiklo na 'to sa mga steep at sira-sira na mga terrain and the continuous development and design improvement efforts by Honda only adds up to the capability of this already capable machine. The new Honda XRM DSX is Honda's latest model for the XRM lineup, improving on an already very popular and well-loved model. Honda promises that with this bike, you can conquer your own road, “go anywhere and do anything”. Panalo!

  • Is the Honda XRM affordable?

    Yes, the Honda XRM is very affordable and very much worth the price considering what it can do. The new XRM 125  DSX model, which is yung pinaka high-end na model as Honda XRM lineup, is priced at P71,400 brand new. Now imagine the savings that you can get when you buy a high-quality, low-priced repossessed unit from Motomart.Ph! All that dual-sport goodness at over 20-30% off the new price, hindi na masama. Actually, panalong-panalo kana dito!

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