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Did you know that "TMX" stood for Tricycle Model Xtreme? The meaning may very well have been forgotten over time, or worse dropped by Honda, but the TMX is still a very strong contender of a motorcycle ever since it saw production in the Philippines.

The first generation TMX originally came in two variants - the TMX 155 and the TMX 125SR. The TMX 155 was a 155.3 cc four-stroke, OHV, air-cooled engine intended for heavy-duty tricycle use while the 125SR was essentially similar albeit sporting a smaller 124.11 cc engine.

The production of the original TMX was supposedly going to end in 2014 but Honda saw how popular the series was so it later launched the newer versions of TMX - TMX Alpha 125 and TMX Supremo 150.

Honda TMX Alpha 125

The TMX Alpha 125 was introduced into the Philippine market in 2014 in the form of a rebadged Honda CG125 which was a very popular platform in Japan and Brazil. The said platform was chosen over the old 125SR due to persistent demand as a result of a proven record with OHV engines from the older TMX 155, only modernized this time.

The TMX alpha features a familiar 124.11 cc four-stroke, air-cooled OHV engine mated to a five-speed transmission instead of four and is equipped with both an electric starter and kick starter with decompression function. It's also fuel-efficient at 62.5km/L.

Stylish Muffler

  • The TMX alpha comes with a neat-looking muffler, this time with a heat guard, to make sure that your ride not only stays quiet but is also safe to your passenger or pillion rider.

Cafe Racer Inspired Design

  • Who doesn't love a modern classic? Honda styled the TMX Alpha 125 to pay homage to the legendary cafe racers of the past so it rocks a minimalist yet stylish look.

Electric Starter

  • Gone are the days of labor-intensive kick-starters, hence Honda threw in a nifty electric start system to ensure that you only need to start the bike in one click and you're good to go.

5-speed Gearing

  • This offers an equal balance of strength and speed, ensuring a smoother ride.

18" Wheels and Tires

  • Larger wheels offer extra protection from potholes and other possible hazards in off-road conditions.

Honda TMX Supremo 150

Launched as the direct successor of the very successful TMX 155, the TMX Supremo 150 was introduced in 2012 and it featured modern equipment and design to appear to a new generation of riders. It now boasts of enhanced features, such as its new and improved engine that maintains its fuel efficiency at 62km/L. 

The TMX Supremo also comes with 18-inch tires, as well as a high ground clearance and a seat height that ensures the rider's comfort despite rough road conditions. This makes the 3rd Generation TMX Supremo better suited for heavy-duty rides and climbs on demanding routes, even when carrying heavy loads.

3-point Sidecar Attachment

  • Honda already anticipated that the TMX150 will see heavier action so it already comes with a factory sidecar attachment for an easy transition into Tricycle mode.

Secure Key Shuter

  • This offers more security and basic anti-theft measures to help protect your motorcycle from people with bad intentions.

Electric Starter

  • Pretty much like its 125cc sibling, gone are the days of labor-intensive kick-starters, and believe it or not, the TMX 155 was then famous for hard crank kickbacks if not done right, hence Honda throwing in a nifty electric start system to ensure that the motorcycle starts in one click and you'll be on your way.

Easy Choke Control

  • This makes starting the motorcycle easier regardless of a cold engine. A really helpful feature especially during early weekday mornings. 

Updated Design

  • The new TMX Supremo 150 rocks a new stripe design and is loaded with a trendy headlight and taillight system to make it look more masculine on the road. It's got a nifty pass light along with the necessary switches that give you good control of the headlights while traveling.