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If you are looking for a high-quality and low-priced used, second hand, or repossessed motorcycle, you’ve probably considered buying a Honda.

Even before, motorcycles made by Honda are already proven to be reliable and rather efficient, like the SR125 and TMX155 models for example. The aforementioned motorcycles are also well-known 'pantra' bikes or those motorcycles that are used for tricycles. "Pantraysikel," hence pantra. Here at Motomart.Ph, let's explore why Honda-made motorcycles are famous in the country. 

Honda motorcycles are popular in the Philippines but why should I buy a Honda?

  • Are Honda motorcycles reliable?

    Yes, Honda motorcycles are very reliable. As a matter of fact, Honda is known for its reliability that it's no longer new to us Asians how reliable and tough Honda motorcycles are. Even in the past generations, these motorcycles are pretty well-known to be properly built and they rarely break on the road which is actually a well-deserved reputation, provided that these bikes are properly maintained, of course. Honda is part of the famous Big 4 Japanese motorcycle brands hence it continues to prevail as one of the top brands for years and years. Motorcycles made by Honda were so well-desired that there's a high chance your great grandfather owned a particular Honda-made "motorsiklo" or two. Take for example the ever trusty Honda TMX series. Did you know that the Honda TMX a.k.a Tricycle Model Xtreme is a line of business-oriented motorcycles manufactured by Honda for the Philippine market since 1976 and yet it is still running strong to this very day? The said model that originally came in both 125 and 155 cc variants may have had undergone many refreshments and facelifts, but it's the exact same strong Honda DNA that is still running in its veins, or wires rather. Very reliable indeed!

  • Are Honda motorcycles designed with quality in mind?

    Yes, for sure. How many miles do you think will a Honda motorcycle last? Being a Japanese brand, Honda motorcycles are expected to be very well made and built tough. These motorcycles are guaranteed to last for a very long time, provided that a proper maintenance schedule is followed, and they surely won't disappoint you on the road at all. The engines on Honda motorcycles, small or big bikes alike, are known to be built like battle tanks - bulletproof and long-lasting! So yes, if you put in regular and proper maintenance hours, putting in a solid 100,000 km on the clock without any major issues should be easy peasy!

  • Are Honda motorcycles stylish?

    Yes, they actually are. Do Honda motorcycles really have style? Well yes! Granted there was a time when Honda was firm in preserving their old design and styling heritage, but they have gone past that and have evolved, since. Motorcycles made by Honda are now very competitive and are definitely not out of date, design-wise, as their models are now fresh, trendy, and some are even futuristic. This is evident in the new models that were introduced to the Philippine market just like the Honda Click game-changer series and the Honda PCX, with the former being stealthy and the latter looking like a gorgeous jetski-spaceship! There's also the Genio, the Supra GTR, and many many more.

  • Is spare parts availability not an issue?

    No, parts availability is not an issue at all and spare parts are available almost everywhere, and this is why you don't need to worry about the availability of Honda spare parts in the Philippines. There are literally lots of parts that you can buy just about everywhere, accessories included, too. Parts are also sometimes interchangeable on some units or models so spares are commonly available, even in areas that are far from the cities. You can even travel your Honda TMX from Luzon and still have easy access to spare parts in Mindanao if ever the bike breaks. If ever, that is, since they are that resilient and reliable.

  • Are Honda motorcycles safe to ride and operate?

    Yes, absolutely! Do I still need to take safety precautions before riding my Honda? Nothing beats taking in safety precautionary measures when riding out, so a big Yes to that! That being said, Honda motorcycles go through rigorous quality checks before rolling out of the production line. This is not to say that Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki are way behind Honda when it comes to safety as the said manufacturers definitely have good safety standards in place as well. Like Honda, most if not all motorcycle manufacturers pour in a solid amount of quality-checking efforts, too, so just be cool and read your owner's manual and you will be all set.

  • Is Honda doing very well in the world of motorcycle racing?

    Yes, Honda is dominating! Honda is certainly no slouch when it comes to motorcycle racing and it has a very strong racing DNA to back it up. The brand does very well in MotoGP, not to mention off-road racing like motocross and supercross. Honda is a house-hold name in MotoGP and everyone might as well know Marc Marquez who is otherwise known as the "Ant of Cervera" along with this Honda RC213V race bike that captured several championships in the MotoGP series. Marc Marquez is one of the most successful motorcycle racers of all time with eight Grand Prix world championships to his name - six of which are in the premier MotoGP class and he has taken Honda with him to greater heights. When it comes to Motocross, Supercross, and off-road racing, Honda is not doing bad with their CRF line up, too. Both the CRF250R and CRF450R are powerful racing machines in their own right, and there's the CRF1000L Africa Twin which is an awesome adventure and rally bike that saw Dakar racing action, too.

Fun Fact:

The local production of Honda motorcycles in the Philippines started in 1973 at the Honda Philippines, Inc (HPI) headquarters in Parañaque and up until now, Honda remains to be one of the top motorcycle manufacturers in the country.

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