6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Next Motorcycle from Motomart.Ph

6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Next Motorcycle from Motomart.Ph

Are you in the market for a second hand, used, or repossessed motorcycle? Then you came to the right place! Motomart.Ph is your easy, reliable, and trusted online site for low-priced, high-quality second hand and repossessed motorcycles in the Philippines. We sell quality repo and used motorbikes to provide our fellow Filipinos cheap and sustainable options, a more affordable alternative when compared to the common practice of buying the "motorsiklo" that you want, or need, straight from the dealership in either cash or financing schemes.

That being said, here are the top 6 reasons why you should buy your next motorcycle from Motomart.Ph:

1. Browse From Hundreds of Motorcycles on a Centralized Site

That's right, you can browse and search for your preferred motorcycle on a centralized platform or website, and that is https://motomart.ph. This way, you can freely choose the "motorsiklo" that you want while you are sipping your favorite tea, or while drinking your morning coffee, or maybe even while you are going on about your morning habit in the bath room, we're not going to judge.

Kidding aside, this actually proves to be very convenient in the sense that you can browse by location, or filter by brand. You are the boss! You can even readily chat with an adviser via the handy chat button at the bottom right corner of the page in the event that you have further questions, or if you needy any sort of assistance.

2. Bid or Buy Now Platform

Did you know that you can take home your favorite motorcycle cheaper, and by that we mean up to 5% off if you make use of the bidding feature instead of buying the motorbike outright via the "Buy Now" button?

Yes! You can do that by bidding on your desired motorcycle unit. Bidding takes time and patience, yes, but if it means that you can save more money for some accessories on the side later on, then it is very much worth it. Want to hear what's even better? It's the fact that your bid deposit of 3000 pesos is fully refundable! So even if you don't win, you'll get the chance to bid on your next favorite motorcycle, or your money back. It's that simple.

3. Fully Refundable Bid Deposit

As previously mentioned, your bid deposit of 3000 pesos is fully refundable. As a preliminary requirement after registering, you must deposit P3,000.00 (again, and we can't stress this enough) fully refundable to bid and buy from Motomart.Ph. This ensures that only serious people bid or buy. You may deposit over-the-counter or online via app or website through the following options. You must email your deposit confirmation to accounting@motomart.ph, together with your name, email address and phone number. We'll activate your account within 24 hours.

  • BDO
    Account Number:
    Account Name: MotomartPh Corp
  • BPI
    Account Number:
    Account Name: MotomartPh Corp
  • Unionbank
    Account Number:
    Account Name: MotomartPH Corp
  • Gcash
    Account Number:
    Account Name: Poncevic C. Ceballos Jr
  • Cash (Give to the Motomart.Ph representative at warehouse lot)

You can bid worry-free and be assured that you will have more chances of bidding on other units in case you do not win the bidding war. You can then request for a full refund at anytime you like. Our team of helpful and thoughtful advisers will be standing by to assist and cater to you needs or requests.

4. Trusted Adviser

The availability of a trusted adviser that's ready to assist you throughout the entire process is a total game changer! You know that customer service is rather hard to find these days, but we will gladly deliver that seemingly rare and elusive concept to our customers in a very sincere fashion, and we don't mind at all.

We understand how challenging it is to go through an entire back and forth process when buying a motorbike in the Philippines, and that's normal, but we do like to make it easy for our precious customers so we have a stream-lined and rather simple process, and we see to it that an adviser will be assisting you throughout the entire buying experience.

We, at Motomart.Ph, will make sure that you will have an easy and rewarding experience with us because it's cool and that's how we prefer to do things. We are customer-centric and our ultimate goal is to provide attainable assets for everyone!

5. Transparent

Like customer service, transparency is also very hard to come by these days especially in the used vehicle industry. We'd like to think that transparency is what sets us apart from the rest of the competition since we make it a point to be as transparent and honest as possible when it comes to issues with our used and repossessed motorbike units.

Plus you, our customers, can freely book an appointment with us to inspect the motorcycle unit of your choosing beforehand, and you can freely talk to us about your apprehensions and what not, and eventually help you craft your decision. It's a win-win situation, right?

6. You Can Get Your Dream Motorcycle From us, in 6 Easy Steps

As mentioned earlier, we understand how challenging it is to go through an entire back and forth process when buying a motorcycle in the Philippines, but we are committed to make it easy for you hence we have a streamlined and rather simplified process of buying so as to not waste your precious time, and we'll make sure that an adviser will be assisting you throughout the entire experience so you can relax while we do all the heavy lifting.

Here's how you get your motorcycle from us, easy and painless:

Step 1: Go to https://motomart.ph
Step 2:
Sign up to bid or buy
Step 3:
Select your desired motorcycle
Step 4:
Schedule for an inspection
Step 5:
Make a deposit
Step 6:
Pay for and Claim your Motorcycle

You can find the rest of the details here.

It's an overall win-win, if you ask me. Good luck! 😉