10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Motorcycle!

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Motorcycle!

Have you been thinking about buying a motorcycle lately but you are unsure and conflicted? You are probably thinking hard about reasons, excuses even, on why you should not proceed, or maybe you are just looking for additional reasons that will add more weight to your decision to move forward with the purchase, who knows? But we actually understand! Yes, we do, in fact, we realize that making that decision could be a life-changing event for you, but why not look at it as an opportunity? An opportunity that will open you up to a lot of things that are good?

Now you might still be hesitating at this point and that's OK, but here are 10 reasons that will hopefully convince you to get the motorcycle that you want, otherwise!

1. Beat The Traffic

Let's face it, moving from point A to point B, especially in the city, isn't all that easy nowadays and one could argue that it always hasn't been. In fact, the daily commute is a constant struggle, not to mention time-consuming. Let's take Metro Manila for example. According to a global survey conducted by the social navigation giant Waze, the metro is a main-stay, a regular A-lister for the world’s worst traffic conditions. Whether you take the MRT/LRT, the bus, or even use your own car, it still takes two hours on average, each way, to go to work and back for nearly everyone. Also, a study called ‘Unlocking Cities’ by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in 2017 states that travel around Metro Manila is 1.3 times longer during rush hours compared to travel during non-peak hours, making the metro second to the Vietnamese city Hanoi as the Southeast Asian country with the longest commute period during rush hour.

So knowing all that, why suffer when you have the means to make your life easier? That's where these handy and fun two-wheelers come in. Motorcycles, or better known as "motor" or "motorsiklo," can get you to your destination faster as you can literally squeeze through and navigate through traffic. Now for our purpose, the most nimble and user-friendly of the motorcycle bunch would be the scooters and the underbone types, but there are literally lots of choices and a whole list of motorcycle categories to choose from, so it doesn't have to be a regular or boring workaround to the traffic issue as you can always add some bit of fun factor to it.

For starters, you can look into popular brands in the Philippines like Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, CFMOTO, KTM, and the list goes on!

Are you convinced yet? Remember that we are still at number 1!

2. De-stress

Are we sure? Yes, we are! According to jsononline, an UCLA study funded by Harley-Davidson says motorcycling reduces stress and increases alertness - "Three UCLA researchers studied more than 50 motorcycle riders in tests that recorded their brain activity and hormone levels before, during and after riding a motorcycle, driving a car, and resting. The motorcycle ride resulted in a 28 percent decrease in biomarkers of stress, according to the researchers."

Who would have thought that riding a motorcycle would be a good outlet for stress, right? But on a serious note, it actually is! For those who have ridden motorcycles for while now, this is pretty self explanatory and absolutely no research is required, right?!

Now like any other hobby, riding a motorcycle does indeed help you relax and sort of escape the confines of the mundane world if you will. We, at Motomart.Ph can only imagine the smile that the whole riding experience would paint on your face while you cruise around the country-side, while you enjoy the chilly mountain air, or maybe even while you feel the cold sea breeze brushing gently through your extremities. Surreal, right?

3. Economical, More Eco-Friendly

A hundred pesos - that's about 2 liters worth of gasoline, can already take you places. To put it into figures, that's around a hundred kilometers (100 KM) on average if you are on a fuel-injected scooter. That's how economical motorcycles are in general. It is also worth mentioning that in 2018, the most fuel-efficient motorcycle in the Philippines did 129.87 km/L. This was the Yamaha Sight which was legitimately recorded during the SafeRun IV motorcycle competition which was an event organized by Petron in Pampanga, Central Luzon.

Motorcycles are of course more eco-friendly, too. A good analogy would be that you burn much less fuel when you are on a motorcycle as opposed to when you are driving your car. Motorcycles cause less traffic congestion, are arguably less hazardous to third parties, have less non-recyclable materials in their build, and take up less parking space. This just goes to show that motorcycles are less harmful to the environment in terms of resource consumption, both in production terms and as previously mentioned, fuel consumption. Cars take more passengers, yes, but in reality, most actually carry only one person for most of their time on the road, so you can only imagine the congestion that this would cause down the line, every single day.

Overall, motorcycles offer better fuel mileage, cheaper and easier parking, no coding, and traffic maneuverability. Need we say more?

4. Significantly Cheaper to Own

It's almost common knowledge that owning a motorcycle is significantly cheaper than owning a car. There are certain exemptions to this rule, of course, like owning one of them premium leisure bikes - a Ducati, a Harley-Davidson, a BMW, a Husqvarna, a KTM, etcetera. But in general terms, it's always cheaper to run and maintain a motorcycle compared to running a 4-wheeled vehicle. That's not to say that you can't own both either, but the point is that if budget is tight and you will need to choose between one or the other, motorcycles can be the solution that could very well work for you.

Now when it comes to maintenance, regular motorcycle maintenance normally just involves an oil change, some brake pads, a little bit of brake fluid, some chain lubrication and you're good to go. You won't have to worry about regular aircon cleaning, some power-steering and windshield wiper fluids, costly tires, parts that break from time to time, not to mention the running cost of fuel. We're sure that you get the entire picture.

5. Easier to Sell and Dispose Of

Another good thing about motorcycles is that they are arguably easier to sell and dispose of, when compared to cars. The reason being is that regular motorcycles are very much cheaper than cars. An average used or second hand scooter or underbone motorbike, or even conventional street bikes for example, normally goes for around one-fourth the price of the average, decent used or second hand car. This means that you won't have trouble finding the right buyer for your motorcycle when you decide that it's time to let go and upgrade to a higher CC or displacement. Or if you need to make some quick money for emergency reasons, selling your motorcycle will expectedly have a much faster turn around versus selling your car due to the price gap, and as a result, you will be able to meet that payment deadline after earning your much needed cash.

Are we making sense so far? 😉

6. Business and Earning Opportunities

Now this is an interesting topic since owning a motorcycle doesn't necessarily need to revolve around fun and enjoyment, and it certainly doesn't have to be just because of your need to move from one place to another like the regular and daily commute. Owning a motorcycle can also mean that you are opening yourself to modern business ideas and opportunities. The ride-hailing and food-delivery industry, for example, can make you good money in your free time.

Motorcycle taxis are a big thing in the Philippines, too, so that's another money-making opportunity right there, not to mention tricycles. All of these are decent means of income and livelihood that motorcycles can offer.

Now if you want to establish your very own delivery business perhaps, then maybe investing in a sidecar, top boxes, or maybe even something as basic and simple as a cargo tie down can get you a long way.

7. Camaraderie and Friendship

SuperMoto Cebu

If you take up motorcycle riding as a hobby, you will soon find yourself getting exposed to riding clubs and organizations, and this is actually a good thing.

Joining a club or group means that you get to meet new people and you will have the opportunity to make new friends. This leads to camaraderie and the growth of your network which eventually translates to more people to talk to and have fun conversations with. It's not that bad, right?

Group riding , and even charity riding events can be really fun and fulfilling, too. There has to be certain limitations of course, and making sure that you mix yourself with the right individuals is key, but if you are not really that into organizations or clubs, or if you're really not that comfortable with a large crowd, then riding with a few friends or even a squad is not that less of a fun experience either. It's all the same two-wheeled fun that we can all enjoy and talk about under the sun.

8. Healthy Workout

When we think about health, people will generally see it in strict terms of the physical body. While it's not entirely wrong, we tend to forget mental and emotional health, and those are rather important, too.

Now get this, did you know that motorcycle riding is actually beneficial for physical, as well as mental and emotional health? Yep, there's a whole list of benefits and it's not just limited to what was mentioned. Riding motorcycles, both on-road and off-road, is a great way to enjoy and at the same time burn calories. Look it up and you will find out that motorcycle riding will improve your core strength. This is due to the fact that all activities involved in keeping your motorcycle upright and on the road are a form of low-impact exercise. It's also a constant resistance exercise, meaning that it burns a good amount of calories, improves your neck strength, and it promotes a better mental outlook.

Riding a motorcycle releases endorphins which, in turn, improve your mood. Time in the sun also ups your Vitamin D exposure, which is a mood enhancer to say the least. The list can go on here, but you get the idea. Riding a motorcycle makes you happy! Plain, and simple.

9. The Cool Factor

Motorcycles are cool! Riding a motorcycle is cool, period.

Now hold up. Before this gets interpreted the wrong way, let's put some context into the above statement. It's like whenever you see someone you know on a motorcycle, it doesn't really matter which kind, you'd almost automatically and subconsciously think that that person is an adventurer, a risk-taker, a free spirit! So yes, the cool factor just comes in naturally, more like a natural reaction that is felt and perceived by the people around you when they see you rolling down the street on your motorbike, and you don't even have to be Tom-Cruise-on-that-shiny-BMW-S1000-RR-cool to achieve that.

You will eventually realize this yourself, too, about how cool motorcycles are in general when you start to accumulate good mileage or good amount of kilometers if you will, and some wheel-time in the open road.

10. The Thrill of Riding

Last but not least - the pure thrill of riding! Riding a motorcycle is the next closest thing to flying, let's put it that way. On a more serious note, however, there's that kind of thrill that is hard to put into words, a specific buzz that you will only get when you conquer your fears and breeze through the open highway, or race track, depending on your cup of tea. And no, this doesn't necessarily translate to speeding and violating traffic laws. It's about that sense of freedom while being exposed to the elements, certainly not the kind of feeling that you will be getting when you are inside a car, or worse, a bus!

And of course, there's always that concern about risk and safety. Everybody will magically start bringing that up when you get yourself around motorcycles, and that's normal and appreciated, but life is a risk whether we like it or not. You would never leave your house in the first place if you haven't already accepted that as a fact.